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Topics and contact persons

Current projects UAS-Stralsund
Christine Wahmkow: Christine.Wahmkow@fh-stralsund.de

Simulation of mechatronical systems
Heinz-Theo Mammen: heinz-theo.mammen@hella.com

Modelling based developing in the car industry
Walter Commerell: commerell@hs-ulm.de

Simulation in the development of electronic systems
Joachim Haase: joachim.haase@eas.iis.fraunhofer.de

Simulation in the field of control engineering and robotics
Thorsten Pawletta: thorsten.pawletta@hs-wismar.de

Simulation of medical engineering
Gero Wedemann: simulation-mb@fh-stralsund.de

Modelling languages and standards
Klaus Panreck: klaus.panreck@fh-bielefeld.de

Modelling and simulation of traffic systems
Daniel Lückerath: lueckerath@informatik.uni-koeln.de

Fundamentals und methods in modelling and simulation
Thorsten Pawletta: thorsten.pawletta@hs-wismar.de

Mathematical methodes in modelling and simulation
Michael Striebel: michael.striebel@htwg-konstanz.com

Simulation of thermal systems
Leo Gall: leo.gall@ltx.de

Contributions are welcome to focus on application orientated examples. However the presentation of new theoretical approaches or conceptual drafts are strongly encouraged not confine to the given Topics.